From Russia with Soul: VALIQUE

After several remixes for INFRACom! in the past years we are happy to announce the new album “Ever and So Far” from russian dj and producer VALIQUE. After his debut album “R.A.W” for Freestyle records in 2008 with the well received single “Taking your seat” this will be his second full length album.In comparison to his debut, Valique this time enjoyed working with great musicians – his personal selection of Moscow’s jazz scene – for this album. So all in all the album is mostly live-recorded, though with a some of beat-programming and using sequenced synth to enhance the sound. There is practically no sampling in this one, but bass, clavinet, guitars, hammond and rhodes, drums and percussion, brass and analogue spacing. The result is a more analogue feeling inspired by early 70´s synth productions to soul and funk music of that period. With a focus of the simple song form that co-exists with exuberant jazz soloing and twists on dramaturgy. “While working on the album I would associate it with the pre-synth time, or the time when pioneers like Herbie Hancock would start experimenting with early analogue synthesizers, when the roots of the modern dance music were rooted the deepest. But most of all I would associate it with soul music of 70′s, with that particular sound and the influences latin-jazz and afro-beat would bring to the sound of soul.“ The album features several guest vocalists. Valique had the pleasure of discovering the expressive potential of Maya sweet voice, the power and humor of Carolyn Vox, the lovely lyrics of Vadim Kapustin and the rocking side of Nash, along with several backing vocalists. Last but not least „Ever and so Far“ see Valique singing a few more “personal” tunes („Looking for the air“ & „Free & Wild“) by himself. Production, singing, remixing and djing…makes him one of the few 360 degree creatives in todays scenewith a wide range of output in several music styles from house to jazz and even pop ballads he feel comfortable and is able to handle this on a high level. No boundaries, just music! Beside the Jazz standard „Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps“ the album contains only own compositions by Valique.

Ever in love with soul music and this is it so far !

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