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Hi music-lovers,

I am back from Spain since about 1 week but no time to upadte the Lime Sorbet stuff. Sorry.
But had a fantastic DJ-gig at Boogaclub in Granada. Damn, this city is totally funky and absolutely worth to visit. Never saw a city in this size which has so many good clubs and party-people and be sure to drink some Cubata-cocktails ;-)

Let´s talk about the new Lime Sorbet mix: one of the best freestyle albums of 2007 was released by French DJ-legend “Guts – lebienheureux” on the new label by Nightmare on Wax: Wax on Records.
I´m proud to present you his Pura mixtape No. 1 on Lime Sorbet this week.

Be sure to listen to a great mix at

Some new music?
My new digital release “Quincy Jintz – Real EP” will be out soon on Timewarp Music incl. remixes by Basement Freaks, Omegaman and Razoof.
Just finished a remix for the Turkish DJ Onur Engin – called “Brisk” also incl. a remix by Kidgusto. Will be out soon on Australian label Straight up.

Some new gigs?
April 19th – Quincy meets Rhino Soundsystem @ Sommersalon, Hamburg
Mai 12th – Quincy meets Shantisan (Vienna) @ tageins, Waldsee Freiburg
June 2nd – Quincy meets Tal M. Klein & Good Groove @ tageins, Waldsee Freiburg

Have a funky week


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